Tour Babylon

Welcome to the City of Babylon website! We don't know how you found our lovely city, but we're glad you did. The City of Babylon website is delivered as a labor of love from several groups: City of Babylon staff, Office of the Mayor, Friends of the City of Babylon, Babylon Police Department, State Bureau of Investigations, and the Arlen Foundation.

Babylon is a progressive city. We do not wait for the world to set the pace, we set the pace for the rest of the world. We have world-class healthcare, high-tech research and educational facilities that have fostered some of the greatest minds in recent years, strong dedication for encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, and award winning coffee. It's really good coffee. Babylon is surrounded by Dark Ridge National Forest, with its mountain slopes perfect for skiing and forests for hiking. No matter whether you're looking for a night on the town, an adventure into mother nature, or even a walk on the beach, Babylon has you covered.