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Storyteller across many mediums. I’m an actor, author, comedian, filmmaker, and lyricist. This blog and website primarily exists for the soul purpose of showcasing my authorly work.

I’ve been maintaining this blog since 2007, but in 2011 I made the decision to make Google+ my official author platform. That lead to many years of much enjoyed usage of the platform, meeting amazing people, and becoming a Google+ Create member — which was an amazingly supportive group of creatives form all over the world. But Google+ is shutting down early 2019 and I have become a #GooglePlusRefugee like many. And I have been thrown off my author platform. It took a lot of deep thought, but I’ve decided to make this home my official author platform, as it was in 2007.

So don’t be surprised by all the changes to the blog and website. I’m trying to better make this my home. And not just mine, but a place for all of us to engage in healthy conversations. So please sign up via email, RSS feed, or come by often via bookmark — and don’t be a stranger or stalker, hit those comments hard. Feel free to say hello at the bottom of this profile.


  1. Love the video... and your funny 'ignore' boxes :)

  2. Thanks Morgen. I was able to mix the video with YouTube's editor and stock footage. It turned out pretty good. Gets the point across. And yeah, to get some things functioning the way I wanted on my website, I had to make little boxes and put code in them. So I was trying to compensate for the silly looking boxes.


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