Bipanda Submissions

Let me tell you about my tiny publication about bipolar and depression. I originally started it, because I wanted to have a space to write and publish longer posts about bipolar and depression.

Why? So I could share them to a Facebook Group of the same name that I co-moderate.

Why? Because people don’t read long Facebook posts, but they might read an article you link to. I don’t get Facebook users.

But then someone emailed me about submitting an article to my publication on Medium, and I was hesitant at first. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. And now, I'm moving the publication to my blog, partly because I don't like what Medium has become and partly because it makes sense. 

For future reference, always check back here to see if submissions are open. I highlight the text announcing whether I'm open to submissions or not below.

Submissions are now OPEN

I am currently accepting submissions to Bipolar / Depression: Up this Hill and Down. If you would like to join the party, please direct message me via the Contact page.

What kind of submissions am I looking for?
  • Personal stories, lessons learned.
  • Discussion about stigma.
  • Tips and tricks to managing bipolar or depression.
  • I DO NOT want personal attacks.
  • I’m looking for submissions from folks with bipolar or depression, or another form of mental illness (PTSD, anxiety, etc). If you’ve never been diagnosed, but just think you have it, that doesn’t count. Instead, do yourself a favor, and talk to your doctor and find out for certain. You can’t truly start treatment, until you know what to treat. I know this from personal experience.
  • Wanna contribute, but are uncomfortable or uncertain about going public about your condition? Totally understandable. You can choose to remain anonymous. Your article will be published as, “ Written by Anonymous 🐼, posted with permission.” I know how hard it is to speak up and out about one’s mental health. I often say things, or publish stories, and a day or two later, or even a month later, I’m regretting it and questioning its wisdom. I usually just toss it up to the wind. But I can completely understand, because the stigma is insane. Yeah, I did that.
Guidleines and such:
  • Between 500-2,000 words. If longer than 2,000 words, send me the first 2,000 and pitch it as a series. If I like the first 2,000, I may ask for more, and do them as a series of posts. But mostly I'm looking for singlular, evergreen content.
  • Compensation? Short answer: no. If you are looking for such, I'm sorry I can't help there. This is just a community effort. I don't have intentions of making money off of these posts. Maybe one day I'll feel like we have enough good content to fill an ebook, but when/if that day comes, I'll communicate directly with authors about such opportunities. Submitting to the blog is not submitting to any further publicatioins, however. 
  • This is not exclusive. You retain rights to your content. Feel free to publish your work elsewhere. I'm not looking for exclusion, but rather including folks in on what it's like to manage mental health issues.

What you can expect from submitting

I own the privilege of accepting or declining submissions and new authors. This publication is a personal endeavor to my heart. Please respect that and any decisions I may make.

I will edit and format your submissions, to make sure they are the best they can be — but I will maintain your style. I’m not interested in taking over your voice. I just want the publication to read well, and look good.

I am an author, so if I see some areas you can improve, I may provide you some feedback. But I won’t know that until you’re several submissions in. And don’t worry, I’m not a snob like some authors. And I’m pretty laid back. I’m mostly a goofball, so no sweat.

Thanks for your consideration

If you contact me, that’s great. If not, that’s cool too. Either way, here’s an awesome photograph of Vincent Price and some of his fellow actors in coffins.

Vinent Price reading Variety to his colleagues in coffins.

Bonus round: Bipanda 🐼

In case you’ve missed it, we have a mascot. The panda emoji. Or as I like to call her for short, Bipanda. Bi for Bipolar, but also for the fact that we are more than one. We are bipolar, depression, PTSD, whatever the case. Bipanda is the answer.

This was a result of highly personal feelings of my own. When I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I discovered how much I hated the idea of using the two drama/theatre faces to represent bipolar. These faces: 🎭. One happy, one sad. PLEASE! That is such a pathetic, simplistic view of bipolar. If only it were as simple as being happy and sad. But where is irritability, or anxiety, or suicidal ideation, or, or, or? The list could go on and on. PLEASE! Sad and happy, my butt.

So, if you feel like me, maybe the panda emoji is for you. Or, as I like to call her, Bipanda. I currently wear her as a badge in my Twitter name. Maybe you’d like to do the same. Are you a Bipanda? It’s nothing to be ashamed about.

Much love!

+Nathan 🐼