First week of classes at SNHU

This week I started classes at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). I'm super stoked to be going back to school, if not super anxious as well. 

I hit the ground running (more like sitting, it's online) and got way ahead for the week in a single day. I'm hoping I can keep this pace and hard work up for the next weeks. SNHU works on a 8-week basis. Classes start and finish in 8 weeks, called a term, rather than a semester. It's a format I like and have had success with it in the past.

I'll be going for my BA in English Language and Literature. And while it's too early for me to tell how I wanna use my degree exactly, I chose this one because I hope it can give me some flexibility. I've always been a bit of a renaissance man and I get burnt out if I do the same thing for too long. I'm kinda hoping I can find something or some-things that can keep me going for years to come.

And of course, it'll only help me with regard to my own writing career and the Mercedes Masterson series.


But what about you? How is your 2022 shaping up? Got any big plans, like myself, for this upcoming year? Or in my case, the next 4-5 years? Sound off in the comments.