Friday Night Update on Jonah of Olympic

I've not been keeping up with Jonah as I should be, not because I don't want to and not for lack of trying. At the start of June, I began writing a difficult chapter and became stuck in it. I started it on June 2, made more progress on June 8, and then didn't make any more progress until last night (July 1). So I'd call that tough. I'm progressing nicely now, and think I'll be able to finish it soon, but man it's been hard. 

I've also not been keeping up with the blog. Partly because I've been so focused and frustrated with Jonah, and partly because I've been thinking about other things. There's a lot going on right now. I have however been making social media posts here and there, just not here, which is a shame.

Here's a lovely post I made which gives you some insight into fun things I do while writing:

And here is a snippet to tease you on the work I've been doing in Jonah of Olympic:

And last but not least, a little video I put together to keep my creative juices flowing while stuck:

Indeed, sometimes you gotta work sideways to move forward.

What about you all? How has your writing been coming along? Your blogging? Your reading? 

I've been getting in a little more reading this summer, because my son and I listen to one or more chapters per day of an audiobook or a whole short story -- like today. We got through the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, The Most Dangerous Game. And we are looking into other old school stories, though I fear he's losing interest and we may have to move to modern stories like Hunger Games and Percy Jackson.