Music Weekly #5: Lady Love

This week brings something upbeat and love related. So cozy up, put another log on the fire, cuddle up in a blanket. Listen to the lyrics on this one. Dance too.

The song is Lady Love by Lou Rawls, who had one of the best voices ever. Fight me. Or don't and just enjoy this great song. 

As an aside, I've always felt that the lyric "people are people and they all have their moods" is very relatable. Ain't that truth. Actually, I think a lot of the lyrics in this song are relatable and wonderful.

And hopefully you have someone in your life, whether a friend or partner, that has always been with you through your ups and downs. If not, here's to hoping you find that someone someday. Or better yet, may you strive to be that someone for someone else.

Peace out.