Music Weekly #4: Runway

So here we are -- another week has gone by and another song to share. I think thus far I've mostly shared pieces with lyrics, so I wanted to try something totally different today. 

And that totally different comes from a movie called The Neon Demon which is totally different as well. I remember when I watched it, I couldn't recall if I liked it or hated it. But the soundtrack I love for sure and often listen to for writing purposes. 

Today I am sharing a song from the soundtrack called Runway, the music is by Cliff Martinez. As the title suggests, the movie is about models, but not what you are thinking. It primarily follows a runaway teen who tries to find work in modeling in Los Angeles. She manages to live in a seedy motel operated by an even seedier Keanu Reeves. 

Enough said, hope you find this piece of music fascinating -- especially if you are a writer.