Monday Music #1: I Can't Hear you no More

Every year I tell myself I'm going to do better about blogging. And sometimes I accomplish that, but every year I always want to do better. So, let's make 2021 no different, I guess. 

Starting today, I'm gonna start working on a schedule for blogging. I'll try to put together at least 1-2 blog posts per week. And starting on Mondays, it'll be simple... let's listen to music together. 


Music is so important to my writing. I listen to all kinds of music because I'm a writer. My tastes are all over the spectrum, but also sometimes I listen to stuff that I don't necessarily like but works for what I'm writing. 

I suspect since I'm currently writing the second book in the Mercedes Masterson Detective Stories series, I'll share a few from there.

I Can't Hear you no More by Helen Reddy

The first song in the Monday Music series goes to Helen Reddy, who we recently lost. This is a song I have in my playlist for Jonah of Olympic, second book in the Masterson series.

So, what do you think of this one? Sound off in the comments. Also, I included both the YouTube and Spotify embeds. I wasn't sure what would work best for international guests to the blog. I know YouTube often blocks other countries from listening to music. So, if you aren't from the U.S., please let me know how the playback goes.


  1. I'll get us started... I was only familiar with about 3-4 Helen Reddy songs until recently. What I really knew her from was Disney's original Pete's Dragon film. She plays a motherly figure in that movie and sings several songs. She does an incredible job and I wrote a little post about the significance of her performance to me after her passing on Facebook, here:

    But I only recently discovered she had a few disco songs as well, including the above one. Being a lover of disco, I of course fell in love with it pretty quick.


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