Friday Roundup #1

Today is my first time trying a Friday round up of thoughts and reading. I do a lot of reading through a single week, but I don't usually share what I read. Starting today, I'm gonna try sharing some of the things I read for others as well. And I'll include one callback to an older post of mine on the blog.

-- From the blog --

Moderating Social Networks is a blog post I made several years ago and is still very relevant. Maybe even more so now. After it had been up for a while, someone stumbled on my post and it went mildly viral on Google+ and Diaspora at the time. It addresses the idea of moderation on a social network -- a pretty heavy piece for my blog.

-- From around the web --

This roughly 3-minute read addresses those who claim to be tired of being politically correct and how that might not mean what some think it means. It's pretty on the nose and also sort of compliments my "from the blog" post above.

This 5-minute read is about a Ayana Lage's personal experience of trying to get help and treat her mental illness, while part of a church that was inept at helping her. It mirrors similar experiences to my own, when I discovered I was suffering with mental illness (which would later be determined to be bipolar and anxiety).

This long read deals with something heavy and relevant, white supremacism and law enforcement in America. However, this article was published in 2017. And even more surprising to some, it pulls from an FBI report published on October 17, 2006, during the Bush administration. I stumbled on this article in 2017 and saved the FBI report to my cloud drive for further reading, as a future book in the Mercedes Masterson Detective Stories tackles some of these very issues. If you are interested in this article, might I suggest that it is important as well to read the FBI report they link to -- here is a link to that pdf

Conclusion of Friday Roundup

Being this is the first Friday Roundup, I'm a little fuzzy on the details. I like the resurfacing of some of my old work, but also sharing some of the other things I read during a week. I've been saving articles and blog posts for years using the Pocket app. It's been a treat for me to scroll through and find some of the older ones and read back through them, and then share them with you all. It also gives you a glimpse into the kinds of things I read -- lots of nonfiction content. As a writer, the cliche goes that I'm supposed to be reading lots of books, but I find I read more nonfiction content most (and not always in books). 

This week's roundup brought a look into social network moderating, political correctness as it partained to people who just want to be mean without consequence, mental health and the church, and white supremacism in law enforcement. That's a pretty heavy line up. 

Feel free to sound off in the comments about any or all of the articles and blog posts. And let me know what you think about my Friday Roundup idea. Are you here for it? Do you look forward to more? What would you like to see me possibly add or change? Sound off in the comments.