"Where has the evening gone to?"

I can't believe I didn't post a single blog post for February. That's insane. I've been busy writing too, just not blogging. And while I know I haven't kept up with the "daily" aspect of my challenge, I've been writing a lot on the days I do write. I've been writing 1-2 times per week. Mostly I've been working on the Night Aggressions horror story we've been slowly releasing at Emerald Dragon here

It's been quite a journey, and the story is almost completely online now. Should wrap up in April. I only have 3 chapters left to write in it, too. I'll try to knock out one or two on Wednesday. 

Moving forward from Night Aggressions

My mind is already starting to drift back to my book, Sweet Sixteen, which I'm planning to have ready for ALL to read this year. I welcome the renewed energy coming. My game plan at the moment is to try and have the editing done and dusted over the summer, cover artwork, and formatting. And then I'll move on to publishing it out in a similar manner as we did Gun this past year. (Side note: Gun still needs a paperback)

So that should set me up for a Fall or Winter release for Sweet Sixteen. I seriously am so excited about getting it out there. My first, non-collaborative, ALL MINE book. And the first of many in the series. I hope you are all as excited to meet Mercedes Masterson as I am to introduce her to you.

I should also note that I will be bundling Night Aggressions out of the blog and into an ebook later in the year, as well. That'll be fun. It'll be a "name your price" ebook, so free will be an option still. 


I'm signing off for now, but I will get back to posting this March. 👊