Writing is a chore sometimes

Earlier in the week I sat down to write a chapter, only to find it was far too complicated to begin at that time. I had to skip it. So tonight I sat down and tried to come up with a method for organizing the chapter.

The chapter is full of characters, main and supporting and extras. Plus, a room full of zombie-like creatures. And lots of action. And good grief, it was gonna be hard to keep together. I decided to focus on everything in small chunks. A little bit happens here with so-and-so, then we jump to so-and-so and little bit happens with her, and then we move again...

I used a sticky note style app I'd used in the past to accomplish this. (I didn't have actual sticky notes on hand.) Each sticky note color represented a character perspective, and I dragged-and-dropped them in chronological order left-to-right. I kept moving the parts and adding parts until I was satisfied.

I'm not gonna write it tonight, my brain is too spent on it at the moment. I want time to read through it some more and consider if I'm missing parts, or need to move parts.

But good gravy, ya'll, writing can be a chore sometimes.