Hitting the old writing wall, Personal Jesus

Tonight I sat down with the intent to write the next chapter in the horror story I've been collaborating on. Unfortunately, as I looked over the short descriptor of the chapter in the outline, I realized I wasn't ready. I wasn't feeling it. Which struck me as super odd, because it's a very action-packed and hopefully epic chapter. Normally I get really excited about such chapters and gleefully dive in.

But I really wasn't feeling it.

I couldn't figure it out. I even reached out to my partner on the story, wondering what was wrong with me. I watched a couple of clips from the remake of Dawn of the Dead, trying to get some inspiration. It was good, but not enough to get me writing that chapter.

So I moved forward in the outline, looked at some of the next chapters. I was bound and determined to write a chapter tonight. Finally, I picked one. One that spoke to me tonight. One I felt ready for tonight.


I stared at a blank Word document, unable to create a chapter title. I just wasn't sure what the theme of this chapter was going to be, darn it. I told myself I needed a song. I thought for a bit, played some music too. Nothing was sticking.

And then, I thought of that old classic "Personal Jesus", which originated from Depeche Mode in 1990. I was familiar with the Marilyn Manson and Johnny Cash versions myself, though. But as I searched for it, I found some new covers that are also fantastic.

I had a song. A theme. A chapter title.

I finally felt ready to write. And I did. And I finished it.

But man, oh man, it took some work.

You ever have this problem? You think you're ready to write a chapter or short story, but then when you put pen to paper or fingers to keys, it's not ready. You're not ready. What do you do to keep moving forward? Skip ahead, like I did? Try to find inspiration to get the juices going? Sound off in the comments.

Here's the Johnny Cash version of "Personal Jesus" for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.