#100Days writing challenge

Welp, I've decided to take the #100Days writing challenge. I learned about it through the folks behind Standard Notes and their offspring Listed. You can learn more about their pitch here. And more about Standard Notes here. And no, this isn't a commercial. They do have a cool note-taking app. And I'm always looking for a cool way to write down stuff.

So, basically, for 100 days I'll be writing down something. Anything. I'll try to post as much as I can to the blog. To help with having something to write, I think I'm gonna take up lyrics and poetry again, I've been neglecting that arena for a long time. Though I consider myself more a lyricist than a poet any day.

So sit back and prepare for the flood gates to open.

And I challenge you to as well, give it a shot when you can. Or better yet, go in on it with me and we can encourage each other to stay devoted.

Tomorrow is Day 1 for me. Wish me luck.