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I've started a Telegram channel for my Babylon Tales writing. I'll use it kinda like an interactive email newsletter (comments enabled on Broadcast messages). Consider joining us in Telegram!

Writing is a chore sometimes

Earlier in the week I sat down to write a chapter, only to find it was far too complicated to begin at that time. I had to skip it. So tonight I sat down and tried to come up with a method for organizing the chapter. The chapter is full of characters, main and supporting and extras. Plus, a room full of zombie-like creatures. And lots of action. And good grief, it was gonna be hard to keep together. I decided to focus on everything in small chunks. A little bit happens here with so-and-so, then we jump to so-and-so and little bit happens with her, and then we move again... I used a sticky note style app I'd used in the past to accomplish this. (I didn't have actual sticky notes on hand.) Each sticky note color represented a character perspective, and I dragged-and-dropped them in chronological order left-to-right. I kept moving the parts and adding parts until I was satisfied. I'm not gonna write it tonight, my brain is too spent on it at the moment. I want time to

Hitting the old writing wall, Personal Jesus

Tonight I sat down with the intent to write the next chapter in the horror story I've been collaborating on. Unfortunately, as I looked over the short descriptor of the chapter in the outline, I realized I wasn't ready. I wasn't feeling it. Which struck me as super odd, because it's a very action-packed and hopefully epic chapter. Normally I get really excited about such chapters and gleefully dive in. But I really wasn't feeling it. I couldn't figure it out. I even reached out to my partner on the story, wondering what was wrong with me. I watched a couple of clips from the remake of Dawn of the Dead, trying to get some inspiration. It was good, but not enough to get me writing that chapter. So I moved forward in the outline, looked at some of the next chapters. I was bound and determined to write a chapter tonight. Finally, I picked one. One that spoke to me tonight. One I felt ready for tonight. But... I stared at a blank Word document, unable to cr

#100Days, Day 7

( Fell behind. Forgotten because of sleep deprivation and a huge migraine last night. That said, I've created a Journey reminder for 10pm now, in hopes that will help. ) I dreamt while awake, In tandem, While I was asleep.

#100Days - Day 4 - a poem

( How about a short poem today? Not haiku this time. ) I stood at the end of a road, My life was behind and before. Afraid of all that would erode, Content with myself nevermore.

Dad's death, the show must go on

Grief. We all grieve in different ways. Some bottle it in for processing, some need to share it with others. And there's a host of different ways folks handle their grief. The important thing is that while grieving we do not become destructive, whether to ourselves or others. We all must grieve our own way. The show must go on In April of 2013, after years of poor health, my dad passed away. Though part of me rejoiced at his passing, an end to his suffering and pain, it was going to be a different world without him. Dad was unlike most of the parents I've met in my lifetime, and I thank him for that. Dad went into the hospital on a Monday and passed on the following Sunday. At some point during that week, I stole away down a hallway at the hospital and called a good friend of mine. I was letting him in the loop of what was going on and also that I wasn't sure how long it was going to take Dad to pass. The friend was directing me in a play and I was one of the largest r

#100Days, Day 3

( I missed Day 2. Tired and went to bed early, forgot to do it before sleeping. ) In the morn' I woke, My head spun. The world has fallen. - What is the 100Days challenge? Challenging yourself in something for 100 days. I am challenging myself to write something every day for 100 days. Today is the first day. Huzzah!

#100Days, Day 1

( A haiku. Some might see this as a reworking of a Bible verse, others a Coolio lyric. Your references decide.) As I walk through vale, Shadowed death, I fear no evil. -- What is the 100Days challenge? Challenging yourself in something for 100 days. I am challenging myself to write something every day for 100 days. Today is the first day. Huzzah!

#100Days writing challenge

Welp, I've decided to take the #100Days writing challenge. I learned about it through the folks behind Standard Notes and their offspring Listed . You can learn more about their pitch here . And more about Standard Notes here . And no, this isn't a commercial. They do have a cool note-taking app. And I'm always looking for a cool way to write down stuff. So, basically, for 100 days I'll be writing down something. Anything. I'll try to post as much as I can to the blog. To help with having something to write, I think I'm gonna take up lyrics and poetry again, I've been neglecting that arena for a long time. Though I consider myself more a lyricist than a poet any day. So sit back and prepare for the flood gates to open. And I challenge you to as well, give it a shot when you can. Or better yet, go in on it with me and we can encourage each other to stay devoted. Tomorrow is Day 1 for me. Wish me luck.