Epic fail in Ghost Recon Wildlands gameplay with a friend

Back in the Google+ days, I created a Collection called "Gaming ya'll" and as Google+ for consumers was shuttering down, I moved that collection along with others over to this blog. Mostly I've been neglecting my gaming collection, but I'm gonna try and be better and try to put some original content on here. And today is no exception. The above video is from a gaming session with a buddy of mine. We've been playing through Ghost Recon Wildlands on Xbox One. It's a lot of fun to do so co-op.

This particular video I made from a glitch we experienced where a guy we were supposed to both capture and interrogate disappeared in my hands. For real. It failed the mission for us and everything. Check it out.

Let me know if you wanna see more gaming videos like this from our gaming sessions. I enjoy making little videos out of gaming clips like this, so I hope you enjoy watching them.