When your working on one story, but want to work on another

As you may know, we've been busting away at Night Aggressions, both writing/editing and publishing at the Emerald Dragon blog each Friday. And since that's my current WIP, as they say, it's a real shame that a story idea I'd had a while back crept back into my head and won't go away.

"WRITE ME! WRITE ME!" She demands.

You ever have that happen during your writing? Annoying isn't it? Sometimes I'll write like a single scene or a couple of scenes/chapters just to appease. Or maybe just jot down as many notes as I can for later. Lately I've been pretty good about ignoring the urge to write something out of turn, but man oh man... that urge is so strong today.

Probably too late to start tonight, but I'll probably cram out a wee scene or chapter in the coming days. I may just post it here, to tease, and see what ya'll think.

So seriously though, you ever struggle with dueling ideas? How do you battle it? Do you have a will of stone? Are you looking for ways to overcome those urges, too?


  1. I know the feeling. We're two-thirds through NaNoWriMo and I'm only just now going to work on a story in the series I have out... and I've got at least two WIP from there I should be revising before starting new stories in that world :p

    1. It's so hard!!! Why can't all the stories just be written at once when I say so?


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