Hello Blogger, my old friend

So, this was a pretty last minute decision, not gonna lie. My due date for the subscription of WordPress.com's domain mapping was due tomorrow. And last night, I just decided on a whim that I was cancelling it and moving my domain elsewhere. It wasn't so much that WordPress.com has been an awful experience, I've been using it for many years now, but I just got kinda tired of the lack of control and customization. That's part of it. Like, I'm stuck with WordPress comments, I can't switch it to something else like Disqus for example. There were also numerous limitations when it came to embedding content. Only their preferred methods were allowed. If the brand you wanted to use wasn't shown love by WordPress.com, you couldn't use it.

Me trying to migrate from WordPress.com to Blogger before WP charged me for another year.

The list could go on and on, really, but even then, I still liked it. The Reader for example was fantastic for following blogs and discovering new content.

All in all, it was a pretty last minute decision. I was just tired. Felt like I was burnt out with WordPress.com as it is today. And even though Blogger hasn't changed a whole lot through the years, one thing that's always been pretty key to its success has been its openness to content.

When I first launched this blog back in 2007 (yep, it's been a long time), I started on Blogger. I had fun working from Blogger and after a few years I tried other hosts. Even used a public facing SharePoint site via Office 365 for a single year, which was kinda cool though not super practical or cheap. It was around that time that WordPress.com finally got some loving and I decided to try out the newness. It finally felt like a good competitor to Blogger. And so I began using it.

And now I'm back to Blogger.

One of the best things about blogging is most services allow the ability to export/import blog posts/comments. I've migrated all over this way. You can still deep dive into my archives on this blog and find my original workings back in 2007.

A lot more could be said, and I think I will follow up on this. But I will end on a positive note, Blogger recently updated their Android app and it's super clean and modern, which is nice. It still lacks tons of features, but works as it always was designed--a simple way to create/edit/publish a post on the go. Go check it out.