My latest book lands October 1, pre-order now

Gun cover image.

The latest book that will be added to my authorly resume is a collaborative piece called Gun. Here's the quick run-down:

The citizens of Salem suffer more than their fair share of life’s ills. Murder. Mayhem. Jealousy. Greed. But when a mysterious handmade Gun shows up on the scene, nothing will ever be the same. For this Gun has its own moral code. It will never fire to do evil, only to do good. As it tumbles in and out of the lives of ordinary citizens - junkies, clerks, cops, criminals, unfaithful husbands - they find their lives changed forever. Sometimes for the better; sometimes for worse.

Born from pain, built for good.

The String-Along project is a collaborative effort where multiple authors, in locations around the globe, come together to tell a singular story. Sometimes not knowing where to go with a story until the previous author in rotation provides a chapter update. The first in the series is called Fatal Flaws and can be found online in both paperback and digital formats.

We wrote this one back 2014. It was the follow-up to Fatal Flaws and takes place in the same fictional city of Salem. That's it as far as connection is concerned between the two stories. This isn't a sequel to our first collaborative book. We doubled our author count for this one, jumping from 5 to 10. Yikes!

If you've ever loved me, or even liked maybe, or even if you hate me, consider heading over to Emerald Dragon Tales and choosing your retailer of choice and pre-ordering a copy. Or mark your calendars and purchase it on October 1st.