I'm on Goodreads and stuff

I've had an account on Goodreads for many years, but have never made much use of it. But as our next collaborative novel is coming out this October 1, I've been trying to be better about promoting myself as an author as well as the book. And so, for the first time ever, I set up my author profile. Click here to check out my author profile. Make sure to follow my author profile while you're there.

I'm also using their built-in question/answer tool, so feel free to ask me questions about writing and so on. I'll do my best to answer them. I've got a few answers there already. Click here to ask questions or read previous answers.

Shoutout to @Eustacia Tan and her recent blog post about why she is still uncomfortable with Katherine Hale -- the post and discussion got me rethinking my opinion towards Goodreads. Thanks! 😉


  1. Followed you!

    This is definitely not something that I thought would happen as a result of my blogpost! But welcome to Goodreads, I hope you end up liking the platform!

  2. It's growing on me already. And I'm trying to use it to help me get better at staying on top of my reading as well. Double whammy!


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