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The end is nigh

Still crazy and hard to believe the end is so nigh for my Google+ playground. It keeps getting me in the feels.


I'm kinda glad (relieved?) that I drifted away from G+ a while back. It would be too painful to have to say goodbye while I'm still attached.
Nathan Weaver said…
Absolutely! I had made a commitment years ago when I joined that G+ would be my author platform, so it's been painful. Because now I have to rethink everything. And make decisions. And stick with them. And oh my... the tears of a clown.

On the plus side, a lot of G+ folks are over in Pluspora (a Diaspora pod run by Google+ users). I'm a moderator there and it's been fun connecting with folks I was already connected with and with folks I hadn't met yet in the Plus.
Nathan Weaver said…
These were my deep thoughts after thinking about it hard for a while.
Pluspora sounds fun but I don’t know if I can add one more social media platform (just took off one hahaha) so I shall wait and see!

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