The cult of ____.

I was doing some research on religious cults, and I wanted to start simple by researching and getting a good grasp on a common and expert definition of a religious cult. I also wanted to read personal accounts from those who had left a cult. Imagine then my shock and horror as it became frustratingly difficult to find such good information on the web.


Because there are so many hot takes on “the cult of Apple” or “the cult of Playstation” or “the cult of granny pants” that I couldn’t find good information on religious cults. It was an SEO nightmare. We’ve been diluting the internet landscape with crap articles, calling things cults that aren’t cults, and making it difficult for people who are now or have been in religious cults to find the resources they need badly.

So, please, the next time you think you want to add to the “cult of _____” landscape of the internet – don’t. Unless you are actually writing something about religious cults, something useful for folks who are trying to come out of it.

And because I don't want to add to that SEO nightmare, I'm attaching a Ted Talk video called Why I Left an Evangelical Cult from Dawn Smith. Her talk is both passionate and funny at times.

And here is a link to Rosanne Henry, LPC, she specializes in cult recovery: 

I'm including Rosanne Henry’s website because it contains a lot of good resources. I can’t speak to her as an actual therapist. Finding a therapist that is right for you is a difficult thing, and I wasn’t making a recommendation on that front.A