My first beta readership and new logo

This month I've been participating in my first ever beta readership. It's something I've been curious about lately, but had never done. Since I've been working on the first in a series of books, I figured now would be the best time to tap into that feedback machine. Learn a little something about my first book before trotting into other books in the series. Maybe learn a few lessons before I get too far.

It's been a curious journey so far. I set basic rules, as it's my first time and have been pretty lax. So far I've gotten back some responses with the rest coming later in the month, I hope. But I totally understand if people can't complete, life is busy.

I'll break down my setup and share how I went about it after it's over. Let me know in the comments if you want to hear about my first beta readership.

In the meantime, I'm just sitting here with bated breath.

Time for a new logo, me thinks

In June I decided to change things up logo wise a bit. I took on a new city icon logo, just mildly different from the old one. And I gave it a rainbow background for Pride month. Today, I've updated that look, trying a pink/purple scheme which is also present throughout the website and blog. The old city icon, which is a standard city icon from the Windows 8 standards for design, has served me well for years. Part of me hates to see it go. BUT, in with the new. Huzzah! Hope you like it.

Below, from left to right: (old logo, new logo):