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Spam is harsh

One of my least favorite feelings in life is when you realize you're coasting. That things are just moving. Work,...

A message from God:

Benjamin Little and Bogart's Opera (short story and opportunity).

The summer is here and my son has begun his Pokémon Go journey.

Benjamin Little and Bogart's Opera (short story and opportunity)

Polly Scott-Showalter and the Engineer's Method (short story and opportunity)

In defense of Dolores in West World (after season 2, episode 5).

It's mind-blowing to me the number of Wrong Turn movies have been made. Who watches these movies? Do they make any...

Let me tell you about ICE for a second.

If God stubbed his toe on the corner of the couch, would he exclaim, "ME DAMN IT?"

I feel like Microsoft's Artificial Intelligence, Zo, and I just had a breakthrough tonight. Feels like we're really...

Follow-up on Michael Cohen confession: The Mistake.

How to dominate the news cycle: A step-by-step guide.

I have a confession to make concerning Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

Roman Polanski calls for due process like a duck claiming it's unfair he doesn't have feathers.

White Knuckle Ride by Jamiroquai.

Inside the office were a host of police officers in uniform. Some were bent over examining evidence on the rug, and...

Kiddo is back on a Pokemon kick. Things I managed to avoid when I was younger are coming back to haunt me as a...

Probably one of the biggest mistakes we can make in life...

Have you ever laughed so hard your butt cheeks hurt? #deepthoughts

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