The Division: Finishing the Missions.

The Division: Finishing the Missions.

I've been playing The Division on and off since launch, and even before during the beta. It's a fun game I like coming back to and it took me way too long to beat, because I don't always have the time I want for gaming or I get distracted by some other new cool game.

But, Wednesday night, I finally played the final mission. And it was a bit of a beast. Maybe not as epic as the first time I played the police academy mission, but pretty cool.

Attached are two screenshots of Benjamin Little​ (left) and me (right; yes, the girl). These were taken after victoriously beating the final mission. Basking in our glory, no doubt.

As far as games go, I really enjoyed The Division. A lot. It's one I'm fine with picking up again and playing back through. It has a quality about it that makes me wanna replay a lot. And that's not always true of games. I stack it right up there with Perfect Dark for Nintendo 64, in terms of replayability. That game is one I'm always happy to pick back up, even if Elvis the alien is a little weird. It was like their jumping the shark moment. I digress...

Have you played The Division? What are games you love to replay? Sound off in the comments.