Editing, lemme tell you about that.

Editing, lemme tell you about that.

So, through the years, I've always struggled to have a good editing procedure for my writing. Furthermore, I've always struggled doing rewrites without setting aside a work and ignoring it for years until I have a breakthrough out of the blue and start from scratch from there. Which, obviously, isn't the best way to work (although it has resulted in some good works).

But recently, specifically in the past year or so, I've been working hard to develop good habits for myself and creating some degree of workflow for my post-writing work. For my current work, a novella which is intended to be the first in a series of detective novellas, I've started to use a kanban board method.

So far, I'm enjoying this process, and it's helping me focus on small batches of editing work instead of the whole manuscript. I especially love the visual aspect it brings to my work.

MeisterTask app rocks.

I'm also using MeisterTask which allows me to color-coordinate lists. This means (in the image attached) that Green represents a Complete list, Orange is an Active list, and Grey is an Inactive list. The Blue is simply my To Do color. Notice also in the image that I'm working on my second draft, but only five chapters at a time (two of which have now been moved to the next column as they've been completed, chapters 1 and 5).

Any rate... I'll probably post more about this whole process and some of the other new processes I've been taking on to try and keep myself: a) organized, and b) moving forward.

How do you organize your process for editing? Do you at all?