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Happy birthday, Google+​!!!!!

Happy birthday, Google+​!!!!!

Originally shared by Derek Ross

The best social network turns 6 years old today. Happy Birthday Google+!

What a community of people... what a network... Google+ and all of you have made me into the social media loving, Android device obsessed guru you see before you today. And this isn't even my final form!

<3 G+!

Thanks for the reminder Cliff Wade!

Old Notebooks. The Cloud. Backing up your Stuff.

As of Saturday, I've been going through some old notebooks from the garage. I used to be a notebook junkie, back in my youth. Why? Because I was always writing something. Whether it was fiction, a journal, notes, etc. I've always been a note junkie, too. Unfortunately, before the cloud age, this meant a lot of notebooks and being afraid to throw away any of them in case there was something in there that didn't eventually get realized somewhere else.

I'm mostly throwing away the stuff I'm going through, but there is an occasional gem here and there. These notebooks date between high school and college days. Any fiction I was writing at that age is pretty bad, but sometimes an idea was good. I try to keep ideas with potential, but stuff that's just bad I toss. And then there's the notes upon notes upon notes. You never know what you'll find in a notebook of mine. There could be like ten pages of Algebra II notes followed by a short scene for stage, and the…

Musical Writing Prompt: I Want Love.

Musical Writing Prompt: I Want Love.

After a long break from musical writing prompts, I'm bringing them back. Today's musical writing prompt is I Want Love by Elton John. This particular song comes directly from the playlist of my WIP and is a super powerful song.

What is a musical writing prompt? It''s like a visual writing prompt, but instead of staring at a picture to come up with an idea, you listen to a song. Simple.

Now, go forth and write my kittens!

You may share yours below in the comments, if you want.

#writing #writingprompt

My Heroines.

My Heroines.

A glimpse at my heroines in the novella crime series I'm writing. You can never have too many heroines.


Do It all Over Again by Night Vision.

Do It all Over Again by Night Vision.

Just discovered this beautiful piece of retro synthwave stuff. Fantastic. Turn it on, turn it up. I dare you not to put it on repeat.

You can purchase the tune on Bandcamp, here:

#music #synth #80s

#AppTuesday Installment 1: Notes for Android πŸ“’.

#AppTuesday Installment 1: Notes for Android πŸ“’.

Starting today, I will be giving you a little installment called AppTuesday. The idea is simple, every Tuesday I'm gonna share some app with you. I primarily use Android, Chrome, web and Windows 10 apps, but will always let you know when they are available in other places. I'm a big believer in cross-platform compatibility. Hope you follow along and enjoy the apps.

First up, Notes for Android.

Notes for Android is a pretty straightforward app, but it filled a gap I wanted filled. A document/notes app that had a light and dark theme and which was enjoyable to write in on Android.

Nitty Gritty

+ Available on Android:

+ Available on the web:

+ Light and dark themes

+ Adjustable font size and font type

+ Create notebooks to organize notes

+ Share to Notes from other apps

+ Rich text via markdown (similar to Google+)

+ Automatically recognizes links

+ Import/backup notes

+ Synchronizations wit…

2,245 words in the piggybank tonight. Literally have last 2 chapters to write. Hold onto your butts! #amwriting...

2,245 words in the piggybank tonight. Literally have last 2 chapters to write. Hold onto your butts! #amwriting #mystery #crimefiction

Metroid gaming logic

Metroid gaming logic

My son has discovered the joys of Metroid. For those who don't know, spoiler alert, there is a woman named Samus in that metal suit. My son now knows this and thinks she's pretty cool.

But in an amusing note, as we've been watching some walkthroughs on YouTube of various Metroid games through the years, how can you not love that she opens every door by blasting it? It's like a cop shooting the handle off a door for literally EVERY door. Front door at home? Blast it. Bathroom door? Blast it. Bathroom stall door? Blast it.

Take that Mario and Link who run around trying to find the key!


A reminder to rewind those tapes when you finish the movies. Don't wanna irritate the next movie rental customer....

A reminder to rewind those tapes when you finish the movies. Don't wanna irritate the next movie rental customer. Every little bit helps, folks. Now sit back and enjoy our feature presentation starring Hulk Hogan and Christopher​ Lloyd.

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