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I wanna see more photos of grown men standing around holding their balls.

The best thing Facebook has going for it is that it's the modern day family album. Without the 1-hour photo.

Riptide GP on Android.

Oh lately it's so quiet (excerpts from upcoming novella)

I don't get political very often, but when I do... I vote for the opposition.

I hear it's totally legit for people to tackle reporters now. Cool.

I've been working on my writing pretty heavy, despite letting my blog go pretty stale. But here's an update on my...

For those educators using Google Classroom, this is nifty. A quick show of hands for who has turned in assignments....

Google Keep inside Google Docs 📝.

I met a guy once who didn't like pizza. Once. I met someone ONCE who didn't like pizza. Which makes sense because...

Added 1,832. Now up to 22,175. This novella is moving along again. I had hit a rock wall in February and couldn't...

Just installed Android N on my LG.

Samurai Cop 1 and Deuce.

Hangouts to replace the GTalk back-end of Google Drive Docs Chat.

Google Drive's Quick Access from mobile apps is now available in Google Drive on the web

The great disappointment of President Trump and MAGA.

Trump via Sessions for Hillary's honor 'cuz of the emails fires man everyone hates but was investigating him so...

Some more insight into new Google Sites future features that were old features and such. Check out link below...

Lady Bump by Penny McClean

Invite links for Google+ Communities is now a thing. Check it out...

Beware! Beware! Be a very wary bear!

Group items vertically in the new Google Sites