Witnessing stupid behavior #abuse #childabuse #domesticabuse

Witnessing stupid behavior #abuse #childabuse #domesticabuse

LADY: (angrily yelling at kids from car in parking lot.) Do you hear me?!

I wanted to walk over, stick my head in the car, and say, "Yeah. Loud and clear."


In my life I have witnessed clear abusive, bullish, gas lighting behavior from parents to their children in public. I often find myself enraged and want to walk up and say something, or do something, but then I remember that part of the gas lighting experience is blaming everything on the victims. And then I realize, that if I walked up and said something to the parent, the kids would be blamed for it later and who knows the depth of depravity they'd endure for the embarrassment the parent felt.

What this means is that I usually coil back, because I don't want to make the children's lives more miserable.

But is that really the answer? Maybe they need that moment. Maybe they need to witness and hear from a third party that the behavior is unwarranted to help convince their minds that they are not alone. I'm not sure what the answer is in this dilemma.

But one thing is certain, from one abused child to another, I know how important it is to learn that the behavior is not normal. That they are not alone. That others do care. And most importantly, this time of pain will pass.

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