Today #SheInspiresMe : My Mentor

Today #SheInspiresMe : My Mentor

When I was 15, I auditioned for a play and landed a lead role in a college production. The director of that play would soon after become my mentor, teaching me everything she knew about method acting. For roughly six years or so, she gave me lots of time and dedication. Teaching me almost everything I know about the craft of acting, and all with passion and never asking for a penny. Not one penny.

At the same time she was mentoring me she was a single, working mom. And you best believe, I noticed that. It takes a certain amount of strength that I can't even fathom to be a single parent, working to make ends meet, but also taking time for some teenage golfball to train him in acting.

She's been a beast of a mentor. A beast of an inspiration. She even taught me how to parallel park, people. Parallel parking!

Today, for International Women's Day, I recognize Deborah DeWitt. She's stronger than she'll ever know or ever admit. 

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Celebrating International Women’s Day on Google+ #SheInspiresMe

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