Movie Logic Episode 1 | Horror Planet (1981)

Movie Logic Episode 1 | Horror Planet (1981)

Decided to document some of the movie logic fails in a movie I watched last night called Horror Planet (also called Inseminoid) from 1981. The movie in question is a horror/sci-fi blend that feels like a super low-budget rip off of Alien. It was in fact a low budget film and the story itself is rather confusing, I must say.

My version of the plot: Overall, my understanding, is that a woman of a space crew on another planet is raped and impregnated by an alien. For some reason that mature alien is only ever seen in the psychodelic rape scene, not sure if I missed what happened to him or what. The crew doctor gives the female a drug to try and save her and her baby after the attack, unawares she was raped and carrying an alien baby. Somehow that drug makes her super-strong-pregnant-woman and psychotic. She runs around killing everyone, screaming a lot, occasionally feeling remorse, going through nine months of a pregnancy really fast, and eating some of their insides sometimes (don't know why). Pretty much like any pregnancy as I understand. This movie has horrible acting, bad scripting, horrible fight choreography that leaves you laughing and confused, pretty obvious sexism, and overall it's a joy to watch. But enough about the movie, here's some movie logic pulled from actual things in the film.

Movie logic 1: Woman whines and whines she can't connect two wires on her space suit. Saws off leg instead.


Movie logic 2: "How is she?"

"She's fine as long as I keep her sedated."


Movie logic 3: Woman gently taps other woman in stomach with dumbbell. Second woman falls backwards on butt, can't move.



Tonight's episode of Movie Logic was brought to you by the film Horror Planet (1981) and viewers like you.

You can watch this horribly funny movie for yourself on Tubi TV for free, as I did. And here is the link to its IMDb profile for more infos:

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