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Writing: The Struggle is Real

Oh Lately It's so Quiet by OK GO

QUESTION: Name one thing you have lied to yourself about. Why did you do this?

I knew my legs were asleep, because they were snoring. #jokes #pun

I feel so inadequate

The truth about resumes and online applications

Burning Man: Last Resorts

Racism and Porn

Movie Logic Episode 1 | Horror Planet (1981)

Private Eye Mercedes Masterson is on the hunt

How do you Want It?


Witnessing stupid behavior #abuse #childabuse #domesticabuse

This is a testes of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a testes. Had this been an actual emergency, I...

Now this is a music video! And good music too. Thanks Cindy Grotz​ for sharing.

Hey Macarena!

Today #SheInspiresMe : My Mentor

Fearless Fuzz and ruthless dubbing