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I've started a Telegram channel for my Babylon Tales writing. I'll use it kinda like an interactive email newsletter (comments enabled on Broadcast messages). Consider joining us in Telegram!

Writing: The Struggle is Real

Writing, when it comes, is a glorious waterfall of emotions and glory. The feeling is one I can hardly describe. But there are moments, times, days, weeks, months when you become beaten. Slapped. Kicked. Beaten with a bat, run over by car. Shot. Stabbed. Trampled by a stampede. It’s a moment when you sit down to get to work and there is a void. A great nothingness. Thus begins a struggle with an invisible foe. It feels like it’s you against a black hole. It sucks you in and you can’t quit it. You stand no chance. It’s nothing. Nothing. Nothing. So you try to turn your thoughts away from the typing part of writing, try to focus on other things like notes. Research. Something. Still. Nothing. Punched. Spit upon. Scarred, cut, wounded. You’re not sure you can go on. You try desperately to trick yourself into it by turning to music. That trusty playlist you’ve been building up with music to help inspire and guide you. So you listen. You listen. You listen still. HOLY MOTHER OF NOTHINGNESS.

Oh Lately It's so Quiet by OK GO

Oh Lately It's so Quiet by OK GO This song by OK GO is one of my favs, mainly because it's one of those life soundtrack pieces for me. When my acting mentor, and dear friend, was going through a difficult time at her workplace and eventually found herself without a job, this song became very powerful for me. You see, she worked at a college, one that I had frequented much in my younger years. And she was always the constant there. As I drove by the campus, knowing she wasn't there, it felt like only a memory. That she had moved on to somewhere else to haunt. It wasn't home anymore. Not without her there. It was so quiet. #Music #Life #OKGO

QUESTION: Name one thing you have lied to yourself about. Why did you do this?

QUESTION: Name one thing you have lied to yourself about. Why did you do this? I suffer with bipolar and anxiety, I lie to myself all the time. I lie about big things, like about whether I'm worth anything. I also lie to myself about trivial things; like about how grievous it is to make my own sandwich verses buying one, or how taking a shower and shaving is a long and tedious task, and I don't have time to do such things. It's not easy, but it is super important that no matter how many lies our inner-voice tells us, we use another inner-voice to shout they are not true. It's important to remind ourselves to be in denial of the lies. Otherwise we will let our lies consume our every waking thoughts and lives. We are worth a damn, it's easy to make a sandwich, and we feel better when we look our best. Lies were created to hurt, truth uplifts and breaks chains. What about you? Do you lie to yourself? Sound off in the comments. #mentalhealth #depression #anxiety #bipola

I knew my legs were asleep, because they were snoring. #jokes #pun

I knew my legs were asleep, because they were snoring. #jokes #pun

I feel so inadequate

I feel so inadequate It was the most chaotic, yet beautiful thing I've ever seen. #PerfectDark #XboxOne

The truth about resumes and online applications

The truth about resumes and online applications If I can upload my resume, which I painstakingly put together, please PLEASE don't make me ALSO copy and paste it into your system. One or the other. ONE OR THE OTHER!

Burning Man: Last Resorts

Burning Man: Last Resorts Me and my homie were playing The Division the other day and after I shot this Cleaner's tank, he decided to try and take my partner down with him. Haha... #TheDivision #Xbox #XboxOne

Racism and Porn

Racism and Porn My two posts in this collection that have the highest traction are about racism and porn. What does this data mean? Hmm...

Movie Logic Episode 1 | Horror Planet (1981)

Movie Logic Episode 1 | Horror Planet (1981) Decided to document some of the movie logic fails in a movie I watched last night called Horror Planet (also called Inseminoid ) from 1981. The movie in question is a horror/sci-fi blend that feels like a super low-budget rip off of Alien . It was in fact a low budget film and the story itself is rather confusing, I must say. My version of the plot: Overall, my understanding, is that a woman of a space crew on another planet is raped and impregnated by an alien. For some reason that mature alien is only ever seen in the psychodelic rape scene, not sure if I missed what happened to him or what. The crew doctor gives the female a drug to try and save her and her baby after the attack, unawares she was raped and carrying an alien baby. Somehow that drug makes her super-strong-pregnant-woman and psychotic. She runs around killing everyone, screaming a lot, occasionally feeling remorse, going through nine months of a pregnancy really fast, and

Private Eye Mercedes Masterson is on the hunt

Private Eye Mercedes Masterson is on the hunt Here is a snippet from tonight's work on my WIP. This novella just rolled over 20,000 words tonight. 20k was my original goal, but because of an added character, the length has stretched a little. About 75% of the way done. The end is around the corner soon, and way ahead of schedule, which is nice. I have to have this one done by June, so there should be plenty of time to edit it a little here and there before the next steps. #amwriting

How do you Want It?

How do you Want It? Normally I have very specific reasons for including a song in a writing playlist. But I still can't figure out why this 2Pac song is in my current WIP playlist. No matter how hard I think about it, and listen to it to try and remember the idea, there's nothing. The song doesn't match the rest of the music at all, and it doesn't seem to be associated with any idea I had, otherwise my memory bank would have withdrew that idea. But man... why?! And don't get me wrong, I like this song, I just don't know why it's here. #amwriting 


Weaver2020 Serious question. Should I run in the 2020 election? Satirically of course. And possibly every little (yet important) election in-between now and then? #ImWithWeaver #Weaver2020 #NotMyMicrowave

Witnessing stupid behavior #abuse #childabuse #domesticabuse

Witnessing stupid behavior #abuse #childabuse #domesticabuse LADY: ( angrily yelling at kids from car in parking lot. ) Do you hear me?! I wanted to walk over, stick my head in the car, and say, "Yeah. Loud and clear." -- In my life I have witnessed clear abusive, bullish, gas lighting behavior from parents to their children in public. I often find myself enraged and want to walk up and say something, or do something, but then I remember that part of the gas lighting experience is blaming everything on the victims. And then I realize, that if I walked up and said something to the parent, the kids would be blamed for it later and who knows the depth of depravity they'd endure for the embarrassment the parent felt. What this means is that I usually coil back, because I don't want to make the children's lives more miserable. But is that really the answer? Maybe they need that moment. Maybe they need to witness and hear from a third party that the behavior is unwarr

This is a testes of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a testes. Had this been an actual emergency, I...

This is a testes of the emergency broadcast system. This is only a testes. Had this been an actual emergency, I wouldn't have said testes.

Now this is a music video! And good music too. Thanks Cindy Grotz​ for sharing.

Now this is a music video! And good music too. Thanks Cindy Grotz​ for sharing. Originally shared by Cindy Grotz THIS IS SO FUCKING AWESOME! Sarah Rios​ You need to watch this because AMAZING!

Hey Macarena!

Hey Macarena!

Today #SheInspiresMe : My Mentor

Today #SheInspiresMe : My Mentor When I was 15, I auditioned for a play and landed a lead role in a college production. The director of that play would soon after become my mentor, teaching me everything she knew about method acting. For roughly six years or so, she gave me lots of time and dedication. Teaching me almost everything I know about the craft of acting, and all with passion and never asking for a penny. Not one penny. At the same time she was mentoring me she was a single, working mom. And you best believe, I noticed that. It takes a certain amount of strength that I can't even fathom to be a single parent, working to make ends meet, but also taking time for some teenage golfball to train him in acting. She's been a beast of a mentor. A beast of an inspiration. She even taught me how to parallel park, people. Parallel parking! Today, for International Women's Day, I recognize Deborah DeWitt. She's stronger than she'll ever know or ever admit.  Original

Fearless Fuzz and ruthless dubbing

Fearless Fuzz and ruthless dubbing You ever try to watch an old Italian crime film, and the dubbing is so bad, it ruins the experience? Last night I tried to watch this flick called Fearless Fuzz , or Magnum Cop , or other names depending on where you're looking. It was very difficult to get through, as the English dubbing was very cringe worthy. And I'm not a dubbing snob who demands subtitles. I can go either way, but in this case, the dubbing was absolutely terrible. I had to stop it about halfway or so through the film. I hope I can bring myself around to finishing the film, for its sake. Have you ever had to give up on a film before, due to bad dubbing?