I game, mostly casually. I mostly enjoy shooters and otherwise action oriented stuff. I'll post about games I'm playing, want to play, upcoming games, etc.

I'm also going to post about games my 7 year old loves, probably mostly the lesser known stuff. Why? Because it's good to share the lesser known stuff. I won't be posting about Lego games, for example. It's a given that kids like them and everyone knows about them.

Here is a list of online games I'm playing at the moment: (UPDATE 2/2017)

- Star Wars Battlefront (X1)

- The Division (X1)

Here's a list of offline games I'm playing at the moment: (UPDATE 2/20/17)

- Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (X1)

- Life is Strange (X1)

- Mad Max (X1)

- Alien Isolation (X1)

- Metro 2033 (X1)

- Wolfenstein: The New Order (X1)

- Mass Effect 3 (X1, by backwards compatibility)

I've also got a huge backlog of games I need to finish. Probably start over, because its been so long.

I'll update this list as it changes. And no, I'm not playing them all at once exactly. Or maybe I am and that's half the problem?


If you wanna connect on Xbox, that's cool, you can send me a request. I'm ThirstyJester19.

Let there be gaming...

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