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I've started a Telegram channel for my Babylon Tales writing. I'll use it kinda like an interactive email newsletter (comments enabled on Broadcast messages). Consider joining us in Telegram!

Looking back over my book Hardboil High: Freshman

Several years ago, almost eight, I spent 2 days in my family's cabin on the lake writing the next, great American novel. Sounds like a horror film, right? Well, nothing scary happened, except for a lot of cabin fever. But not that kind of cabin fever. What I did do was pretty much what I was aiming for... I wrote an entire complete first draft of my novel. Was it perfect? Far from it. Was it there? Yeah. Did I feel like I'd made a mistake? Mostly. Did I have a lot of fun? Absolutely. Today, I went back and started putting the numbers together, and looking at what I had. I was feeling more positive about my work, and feeling like maybe there was something there to brag about, if I'd just get back on it. [caption id="attachment_1190" align="aligncenter" width="780"] A book by the numbers.[/caption] Turns out that a) I wrote more words in 2 days than I remembered, b) I had a higher wordcount than I recalled as well. That definitely left me feeli


ABOUT THIS COLLECTION. I game, mostly casually. I mostly enjoy shooters and otherwise action oriented stuff. I'll post about games I'm playing, want to play, upcoming games, etc. I'm also going to post about games my 7 year old loves, probably mostly the lesser known stuff. Why? Because it's good to share the lesser known stuff. I won't be posting about Lego games, for example. It's a given that kids like them and everyone knows about them. Here is a list of online games I'm playing at the moment: (UPDATE 2/2017) - Star Wars Battlefront (X1) - The Division (X1) Here's a list of offline games I'm playing at the moment: (UPDATE 2/20/17) - Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (X1) - Life is Strange (X1) - Mad Max (X1) - Alien Isolation (X1) - Metro 2033 (X1) - Wolfenstein: The New Order (X1) - Mass Effect 3 (X1, by backwards compatibility) I've also got a huge backlog of games I need to finish. Probably start over, because its been so long. I'

Rejection can go both ways in publishing

I wanted to share some thoughts I learned about publishing over the past two years. What happened over the past two years, you ask? I was shopping our collaborative novel GUN around to publishers off and on in those years. It wasn't an  always on experience, and sometimes I felt bad about that. And sometimes I'd research a publisher, and then decide not to submit the manuscript to them, and feel bad that I hadn't submitted, because each time the manuscript got rejected or didn't get submitted it just drug the whole ordeal out more.

GUN, a collaborative novel

GUN, a collaborative novel I'm gonna explode for a bit. In 2012, I started work on a second collaborative novel with fellow writers. We had big ambitions second time around, one of which was to shop the book to publishers instead of self-publishing. I'm happy to say that next week our efforts will come to light. Our book will be published in both ebook and paperback through crime publishers Fahrenheit Press. We're excited, all ten of us authors, and I'm super proud of the work we've accomplished together.

I could have watched Trump at #RNCinCLE but.... Chuck Norris.

I could have watched Trump at #RNCinCLE but.... Chuck Norris.

Deep Thought #13

Deep Thought #13 One time in a very heated setting, an older gentleman started with, "I probably shouldn't say this." The first thing that popped into my head was to say, "Then don't." But I chose to bite my tongue instead, and he said what he was thinking. As soon as he was finished, I thought to myself, "Yeah, he shouldn't have said that." If you preface something you are about to say with, "I probably shouldn't say this," you already know the answer is no. Just don't say it, because you'll regret it later. It is possible to be wrong, and to say things you regret. The ability to open one's mouth and speak one's mind doesn't necessarily make one brave or bold. Sometimes it just means they lack the ability to keep it closed.

Deep Thought #12

Deep Thought #12 In the post-apocalyptic future water and gasoline are scarce, but those teeth are still shiny white. Clearly the dentists survived the nuclear blast. One can only assume they are to blame. I'm not saying all dentists are evil, I'm just saying look at the facts.