The X-Files new season ended

The X-Files new season ended

And that was a thing. Gotta admit, as a die hard X-Files fan who hated how the series ended, I was disappointed in this new season.

On the one hand, it had a couple of solid episodes, on the other it just felt so off. Off, like in how the series ended and the newer movie they made (I Want to Believe).

A lot of what brought me to the X-Files and what made me love it as a kid was the film noir quality. That film noir quality is so lost on most of the episodes, and the feel they go for in general.

I also hate the way it feels like the characters are so easily swayed to believe the most preposterous stuff. Now, I'll admit that happened in the old days through the course of an episode, but we're talking about characters who spent ten years together unveiling layers of conspiracies. It didn't happen over night. And then, in the new series, it's like overnight Mulder is convinced that ten years of work and investigation is out the window because someone said something to him that contradicts it.



So I'm ranting.

I plan on rewatching the short season and trying to wrap my head around it better. Especially now that I know what to expect. Perhaps on a second viewing, I'll think differently.

What did you all think? How did you all feel? Sound off in the comments.