Batman vs. Superman (no spoilers)

Batman vs. Superman (no spoilers)

This was not a bad movie. In fact, I enjoyed it. That being said, let me explains a few things about me. I really liked Man of Steel, which surprised me. I've never been a huge Superman fan, but Man of Steel was a really well put together and thought version of Superman. And I loved it.

When they announced the sequel would be a duel movie between him and Batman, I felt like that was lame. Not because I don't like Batman, I love Batman, but because it felt like a huge distraction from what Snyder was building with Man of Steel. Add to that the announcement of Ben Affleck, who I'm not a huge fan of, and I pretty much lost all enthusiasm for the film.

Then, Mark Zuckerberg was cast as Lex Luther, another "actor" I'm not a huge fan of. And then, I saw the trailer and Zuckerberg was all laughy and twitchy and weird, and I became less excited about this sequel.

And then, news came out that Snyder was chopping the long film up short for theaters and I decided I wouldn't watch it until there was an extended cut. I hate when stories get butchered for theatrical release.

But then, a friend who is staying with us wanted to go watch it with me and I went.

And, I was uncertain of a lot of things, but went in and was completely entertained.

I definitely want to see the extended cut, before making any specific judgments on the plot or story. But I did like it. It's a solid film, and I grew fine with Affleck and Zuckerberg. I personally felt like they were channeling a) modern tech youngsters and b) Gene Hackman's Lex Luther. And I liked that.

I'll try not to drop any spoilers, because that's stupid. But it's a lot of fun and well thought out for the most part. I have my reservations about certain things, but film critics are being completely stupid about it. It's not a disaster like they make out.

As someone who had no hopes for it, who was certain it was going to make me not want to watch Superman movies again, I can say that I didn't come away with that conclusion.

And lastly, after seeing the Wonder Woman cast picture and the movie, I'm super stoked for the Wonder Woman movie. This coming from someone who is usually annoyed by her movies and stuff, because she's usually just exploited instead of developed.