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Started work yesterday on a short story called Jessica Wright's Double Vision. It's another to add to the collection...

Started work yesterday on a short story called Jessica Wright's Double Vision. It's another to add to the collection of victims in my I Will Kill You for $5 project. Jessica Wright is a friend of mine here locally in St. Louis, and I'm excited to be writing a story with her in it, even if I'm killing her off in it. But that being said, it's also given me a unique opportunity to pay tribute to Maria Ouspenskaya, who played the gypsy Maleva, in The Wolf Man movie from 1941.

When I was a kid, The Wolf Man was either the very first horror film I ever watched or in the least one of the first I ever watched. And I remember being totally hooked on it, and especially the gypsy character Maleva. She was my favorite part of the entire film, and yesterday I watched the movie again for the second time ever in my life and I can say she still remains my favorite part of the film. She made those inflicted with the werewolf curse people to be empathized, all while at the same time being completely eerie herself.

I believe it was her character who taught me to both love the horror genre and empathize for monsters. And because of that, I'm excited to get to tip my hat to her in a short story soon.

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