Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Started work yesterday on a short story called Jessica Wright's Double Vision. It's another to add to the collection...

Started work yesterday on a short story called Jessica Wright's Double Vision. It's another to add to the collection of victims in my I Will Kill You for $5 project. Jessica Wright is a friend of mine here locally in St. Louis, and I'm excited to be writing a story with her in it, even if I'm killing her off in it. But that being said, it's also given me a unique opportunity to pay tribute to Maria Ouspenskaya, who played the gypsy Maleva, in The Wolf Man movie from 1941.

When I was a kid, The Wolf Man was either the very first horror film I ever watched or in the least one of the first I ever watched. And I remember being totally hooked on it, and especially the gypsy character Maleva. She was my favorite part of the entire film, and yesterday I watched the movie again for the second time ever in my life and I can say she still remains my favorite part of the film. She made those inflicted with the werewolf curse people to be empathized, all while at the same time being completely eerie herself.

I believe it was her character who taught me to both love the horror genre and empathize for monsters. And because of that, I'm excited to get to tip my hat to her in a short story soon.

More on I Will Kill You for $5: http://talesfrombabylon.com/ikillu45/

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

On Writing (Part 5): Have more than one Good Idea per Story

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When I was younger, I used to think one solid or good idea was enough to carry a story. With time, I learned that to be very, very false. Having one good idea is not enough to carry a story. For example, Hitchcock's film Saboteur ends with a climactic action scene atop the Statue of Liberty. Now, imagine if everything leading up to that was a series of lame ideas leading into that one good idea. Now, you see the point.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Night of Comedy - The Recording

A Night of Comedy - The Recording

Ask and ye shall receive: an audio recording of my #standup  show last week. Sit back and enjoy, it's just under 2 hours in length.

It was loads of fun to do.

What do you think? Do I have a career in this stuff?


Friday, October 16, 2015

Standing up for comedy

Standing up for comedy

So last night was my big night of comedy. My first ever #standup  show/gig. I performed for 2 hours straight. It was a blast.

Some of you asked if I would be making a recording, and I did. There is an audio file in the works. Once I have it, I will upload it to SoundCloud and share.

Thanks to all those on Google+ who are always so encouraging, and who were there in spirit. I highly appreciated all the support I had, even from those who couldn't make it in person.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

A Night of Comedy with Me

True story. On October 15, 2015, from 7pm to 9pm at the Stone Spiral in Maplewood, I will be performing my first ever and very own standup comedy show. It's exciting and anxiety-inducing all at the same time.

Friday, October 2, 2015

October 15, 2015 I will do my first standup comedy show

October 15, 2015 I will do my first standup comedy show

I've been sitting on this long enough. Some of you know I have been trying my hand at standup this year, I have posted a little about it along the way. I started at an open mic this January, and have been going to an open mic almost every Wednesday night ever since.

And now, October 15 from 7pm to 9pm, I will be giving a show at Stone Spiral in Maplewood, Missouri (not far fromdowntown St. Louis). It's a lovely little jive with good drinks and food.

- Do I feel ready? No.

- Am I gonna bomb some jokes? Probably.

- Am I gonna be awesome? You betcha.

- Is it 3 days after my birthday? Yes.

- Will it be the best birthday present to myself ever? Yes.

- Will it be the worst birthday present to myself ever? Probably, because I'll beat myself up over all the stuff that didn't go well instead of focusing on the ones that did.

- Am I excited? Yes.

If you are receiving/seeing this message, and think there is a chance you could make it to the show, let me know in the comments. I will be making an Event soon, and can send you an invite.

Oh, and there is no charge for the show. Though, I do get to put out a tip jar.

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