Musical Writing Prompt #8

Today's musical writing prompt is a real treat. It comes from Kaleida, who I've only recently discovered, and who have some amazing music. I discovered them through Keanu Reeves' recent flick John Wick. They had a song, titled "Think", used during the film's soundtrack. It stood out for me, like many things in that movie. It's a great movie. But any rate... I have since listened to other ditties by Kaleida, and can confirm it is great stuff, especially for writing development.

Here is their cover of the song "Take me to the River". This is one of those songs that I like to put on, close my eyes and let the story come to me. And when I find a song that works like that for me, I have to share it. I have to let the world know, this is an amazing song. So, prepare yourself to write.


Get to work. Write, my puppies, write!