Musical Writing Prompt #7

Sometimes inspiration can come from weird places. Or sometimes you're trying to find the right mood or groove for a certain scene in a book. And sometimes that can take us off the beaten path. So, for today, the music writing prompt might throw you off a bit, but all music has it's place for inspiration.

Today, it's all about the groove and it turns out that Groove is in the Heart, according to Dee-Lite. That's right, we're getting some solid 90s digs. Blame it on Google, because I've been listening to one of their 90s channels all day and it played. I hadn't heard the song in ages and now can't get it out of my head, and now I challenge you to come up with something to the song.

How do you say, "De-Groovey?" How do you say, "De-Gorgeous?"

Now get to work and write, my butterflies! WRITE!

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