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I've started a Telegram channel for my Babylon Tales writing. I'll use it kinda like an interactive email newsletter (comments enabled on Broadcast messages). Consider joining us in Telegram!

Musical Writing Prompt #6 (Farewell James Horner)

I've been neglecting my Musical Writing Prompt duties lately, but I will try to get back on that. And so I will give you #6 in the series this week. This week film composer James Horner died flying an airplane. He has composed so many films through the years, and his body of work is insanely powerful and immense. It feels appropriate then to honor him with this installment. I have chosen his track titled "The Ludlows" from the film Legends of the Fall. A great film, and an amazing soundtrack by Horner to boot. And, in a way, it's majesty and sometimes mellow quality seems to fit appropriately with the passing of a musical legend. Thanks for the music, James Horner. The Ludlows Listen up, and get to writing. Enjoy. Click here for the past Musical Writing Prompts.

Sharing book quotes from Kindle app to social media or messengers

Sharing book quotes from Kindle app to social media or messengers Hey readers of the E variety. Namely Kindle. Does this sound cool? Would you use it?

Fresh paint on my website

Fresh paint on my website Got tired of my previous paint, so scraped it all down and repainted the mess (that's how it works, right?). This version is still just as responsive as the last one (so works great on mobile), but this version allows me the ability to feature certain posts/stories at the top of the homepage. The Home menu is a means to filter posts by a story or type (short story, blurb, novel, etc). Here I am: Let me know what you think, if you check it out.