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The Annunaki Promise - a free short story for the month of April

The Annunaki Promise - a free short story for the month of April

Here is a new short story I wrote a couple of months ago for crime author Neal James (Philip Neale). He has a Rogues Gallery spot on his website where he features one author's short story for a month. I'm your April Fool this month, with a short story mixing humanity, science fiction and ancient myths. This story has plenty of references to these old religious ways from Mesopotamian cultures (i.e., one of them is Babylon, go figure since my website is http://talesfrombabylon.com and I've been writing this Tales from Babylon project since 2005!). 

So, go ahead and enjoy a little read on me and Neal. It's an easy, light read. Though, hopefully, mildly thought-provoking. 

Thanks Phil for hosting me again, for like the third or fourth time! And if you're a writer who wants to be hosted by Phil, just follow the instructions on the page. 

And let me know what you think of the story.