Google+ is a ghost town, get with the program (warning: satire)

Google+ is a ghost town, get with the program (warning: satire)

There are a lot of people across the interwebs who agree with me that #googleplus  is a ghost town. They've agreed with me that it's a ghost town the moment it was born. Which is like proclaiming after the miracle of birth to its mother, "Congratulations! It's a ghost. Nobody loves you or your baby. If you refuse to stop loving this baby, which is very clearly a ghost, we will continue to call it a ghost and make fun of you every chance we get for having so much love for something so futile."

I don't see anything

If you want proof that Google+ is a ghost town, join it for the first time with a new account. Don't add anyone to your circles, and just sit there and look at all the nothingness and pointlessness. If you're not sure how you would go about doing that, it would be akin to joining Facebook with a new account, not telling anyone about it and not adding any friends. It would be pretty empty and lifeless. So, for practice, do it in Facebook first.

What is all of this mess?

Want more proof it's a ghost town? Perform a search or click on a popular hashtag. There's just stuff everywhere. What does that even mean? Where does it come from? Your mind will be overloaded with all of these things (which we will not call content). Not sure of what I mean? Go to Twitter and try the same task. It's the same type of stuff. Just all of these things! What a ghost town, Google+, what a ghost town indeed.

> Do not perform a search on Facebook during this test, it will only hurt your brain.

Closing remarks

I appreciate all of the people on Google+, like the millions of users, who will have the opportunity to discover, search, stumble upon, comment, share, read, and view this post... because without all of you ridiculous amounts of users on Google+ reading this post, I'd have a hard time making my point to such a large audience. And for that, I am eternally grateful. 

Now, after reading my post, accept the fact that you are in a ghost town. And just deal with it.


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