All writers are learning, mind your manners

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MJ Bush won the Internet today.

Go here and read her post about writers who are rude to other writers

It unfortunately does seem commonplace for some writers to be absolutely arrogant when it comes to their and others' works. Their work represents all that is beautiful and perfect with storytelling, and others' represents all that is wrong and ignorant.

Yes, there are rules. But if I learned anything worthwhile from reading Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, aside from all the horrible things, it's that the rules of writing were made to be broken. I have never read a book in first person perspective that sounded so much like dialogue, as if Edward Norton was in the room narrating a story. When you listen to the voiced over parts of the Fight Club film and compare them with the same narrative in the book, it's the same. That was sort of a mind blowing moment for me in my writing, and that was in high school many years ago. Granted it would take many years later before I could consider any of my work decent, and in a few years I'll consider my current work drivel I'm sure of it. But the point is this...

We are all learning

Some of us are ahead of the curve, and that's fine. But being ahead of the curve is no reason to be arrogant, rather it is a reason to humble yourself and give back to the community with grace.

So, thanks to MJ today! I'm so glad she won the Internet, and that the Google+ algorithms worked in my favor and fed me that post.