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Because a #writingspace should have inspiration......behind the door. Something to keep me going. #dragontattoo

When I was 14, true story

If you use Google Docs and Google Keep, this is good news. You can now convert Keep notes to Docs. Rock on. Thanks...

Episode 166 - Killing Me Softly on Newbie Writers Podcast

I'll be the special guest on The Newbie Writers today

Google+ is a ghost town, get with the program (warning: satire)

The Haunting of Weasley Manor, Chapter 1

Self-torture is not an act of attention

The Haunting of Weasley Manor, Chapter 1

Murderers should not be allowed to investigate their own crimes, or how ridiculous it is that schools conduct their...

I came here to chew bubble gum and post an update...

You know you've goofed up somewhere, when you need a flow chart to figure out the pricing for all the new Apple...

This is why businesses should adopt a cloud solution sooner rather than later. The longer you wait, employees will...


Sortd for Gmail, turning email messages into To Do lists

The Last Man on Earth (1964) Review

All writers are learning, mind your manners

In case you missed it...

In my opinion, MJ Bush won the Internet today. Just read this post, +1, comment and log off for the day. Game over.

Sometimes I be like, "It ain't no thang."