Musical Writing Prompt #4

I've gotten horribly behind on my writing prompts. Sorry about that. What am I like 3 weeks behind now? Shameful. In an attempt to get ahead, I'm going to actually use the WordPress scheduling feature. So silly of me not to be using it in the first place.

Gnossienne 1


Erik Satie is one of those classical composers that was in a league all his own. He was truly eccentric and did not consider himself a musician, but a maker of sounds. I'm often saddened when a pianist tries to soften the sound of Erik Satie, because if you look at his sheet music it becomes clear it's supposed to be punchy or bouncy at times.

This particular pianist, Alessio Nanni, nails it.

You can see as her fingers do not stay on the keys for long, flying back or sliding off. I believe this is how Satie wanted his music to be played. As a series of sounds, not as a graceful, rich and warm score. All that being said, it is incredibly beautiful. Thanks Erik Satie for the amazing tunes.

Now go forth and write!