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I've started a Telegram channel for my Babylon Tales writing. I'll use it kinda like an interactive email newsletter (comments enabled on Broadcast messages). Consider joining us in Telegram!

Damien Boath's Festival of Horrors (short story and opportunity)

Damien Boath signed up to be laid out. He is victim #5. You can review the previous entries here . The body count is rising and there doesn't appear to be an end in sight. Which is OK with me, I'm fine with selling out, if it means the death of a few people. You can learn more about the gig and sign up yourself at this link . Download the Files Click here to download the files from Dropbox (epub, mobi, PDF and DRM free) Damien Boath Damien is a co-host on the podcast Newbie Writers . He is also a writer of fantasy fiction and poetry. He lives down under and is 6'4", but I have confirmed he is not full of muscle. Most unfortunate. You can find Damien Boath on Google+  and Twitter , should you want to connect with him. When you sign up for the gig on Fiverr, I make you answer a few questions. And when Damien signed up, there were a few items in his answers that just told me what the story needed to become. Note the screen capture of his answers below: [caption id="&

Damien Boath's Festival of Horrors

Damien Boath 's Festival of Horrors My fifth victim in a chain of fictional killings is Damien of the Newbie Writers podcast. And when he was answering my short list of questions, he gave me four awesome items that I just had to turn into a bizarre story. Those were: 1. Damien is tall (6’4″) 2. Medieval fantasy 3. B-grade horror film 4. Damien will be the antagonist If that all sounds like the recipe for a masterpiece to you, than go check out the story and enjoy.  Interested in dying in a short story or flash fiction? Go here to learn more and order your death on a platter for $5:

Musical Writing Prompt #5

I should be releasing a new short story tomorrow, another victim in the I Will Kill You for $5 gig. It's an interesting turn, and this was a song I listened to while writing it. So now I'm sharing this creepy song for inspiration on this week's Musical Writing Prompt. Freddy's Coming for You [embed][/embed] Probably gonna upset some folks, but I'm not a Nightmare on Elm Street fan at all. But, I will admit I do kinda like the remake they did in 2010, from which soundtrack this ditty comes. I like the soundtrack by Steve Jablonsky a lot, actually. He did a great job with it. The movie isn't great, I know, but I like it better than the old ones. But that being said... you have to keep in mind that I didn't see the old ones until way later. I can understand why people who saw them when they originally came out like them, but it's hard to get into them late in the game.

Bootsy Hambone's Grease Monkey and Encore (short story and opportunity)

People just can't wait to be killed, I guess. My next contestant is someone I actually know in real life. In REAL life, people! If you're seeing this post, and aren't sure what in the world I'm talking about, go to the first post where I explain it a bit . And check out the Fiverr gig here . You can read the previous 3 entries here . Download the Files Click here to download the files from Dropbox (epub, mobi, PDF and DRM free) Bootsy Hambone So her real name isn't Bootsy Hambone. And normally, I wouldn't except that for this gig, but because I know her in real life and know she uses the name quite a bit as a stage and radio name, I made an exception. Yes, stage and radio name, you heard (read?) me right. Bootsy is a bassist and also does a radio show for independent artists every Sunday evening with her husband , who is a guitarist and vocalist. They both adore rock 'n' roll and blues, and have been making such music for quite a while. I won't bothe

Musical Writing Prompt #4

I've gotten horribly behind on my writing prompts . Sorry about that. What am I like 3 weeks behind now? Shameful. In an attempt to get ahead, I'm going to actually use the WordPress scheduling feature. So silly of me not to be using it in the first place. Gnossienne 1 [embed][/embed] Erik Satie is one of those classical composers that was in a league all his own. He was truly eccentric and did not consider himself a musician, but a maker of sounds. I'm often saddened when a pianist tries to soften the sound of Erik Satie, because if you look at his sheet music it becomes clear it's supposed to be punchy or bouncy at times. This particular pianist, Alessio Nanni, nails it. You can see as her fingers do not stay on the keys for long, flying back or sliding off. I believe this is how Satie wanted his music to be played. As a series of sounds, not as a graceful, rich and warm score. All that being said, it is incredibly beautiful

Shawna Bergen's Withdrawal at Free Citizens United (short story and opportunity)

Another one bites the dust in my morbid scheme to kill people for money . Fictionally speaking, of course. I wouldn't actually kill these people in real life for $5, that's ridiculous. Maybe for $1,000, but not for $5. My first two contestants in the wheel of death: Kat Folland's Early Retirement Julia Robertson's Last Call This week we welcome to the cold slab, Shawna Bergen. Download the Files Click here to download the files from Dropbox (epub, mobi, PDF and DRM free) Shawna Bergen Shawna describes herself as being a computer nut , and indeed one of the three images she sent me for the project had her wearing a T-shirt that read, "Nerd is the New Cool." [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960"] The real Shawna Bergen.[/caption] The image above of Shawna helped set a mood for the look I wanted to pursue for her in the story, and her description of herself as being a computer nut also helped set a tone for my direction w

Knock, Knock... Issue 6 Submission Call!

SUBMISSION CALL for dark writers.

Julia Robertson's Last Call (a short story and opportunity)

In case you missed the memo , I started something new last week. That something new is taking $5 from folks to write a short story or flash fiction piece in which they get killed . Some people may call that selling out, I like to call it blood money myself. Our first contestant on the wheel of death was Kat Folland in Kat Folland's Early Retirement . Number two is Julia Robertson (no, not Julia Roberts). Download the Files Click here to download the files from Dropbox (epub, mobi, PDF and DRM free) Julia Robertson With Kat Folland's piece, I had (with permission) stalked her social media profile on Google+. It seemed to help me some, but I had also been in a circular relationship on Google+ with Kat for sometime as well. But with Julia, I chose to rely solely on the one image she provided me. We'll see if this was a mistake or not. I have a feeling I probably could have written a more intriguing story for her had I done so. But that's my initial feelings on the topic. [

Kat Folland's Early Retirement (a short story and opportunity)

  This is the first in what I hope to be many short stories. The project is simple, I'm taking $5 from folks who are willing to have me kill them. I mean, write them into a short or flash fiction story and kill them off. It's a fun and morbid tirade for sure. But it also highlights something of a bit of a decision I've made in my life of late, I'm ready to begin making money as a writer. I love writing too much to not take it more seriously than a hobby, and try to live off of it (somewhat). You can learn more about the opportunity of death here and sign up as well. Download the Files I promised 3 digital file types, and have delivered those to Kat Folland already and now I am delivering on the blog post. You can read the short story included in this blog post, or by following this link and downloading the format of your choosing (epub, mobi, PDF and DRM free)  from Dropbox, and then reading in your favorite reader or device. Kat Folland As an introduction to the story,