Musical Writing Prompt #3

I got so busy writing other posts, I completely forgot about picking a musical writing prompt. Normally I have it picked and ready to go well in advance of posting on Wednesday.

Not today. Was sitting here, halfway through the day, when I realized I hadn't posted.

The first week, we had the innocent sounding ABBA selection. The second week we had an epic sounding piece. And this week, we're going dark. Dark and moody.

Suicide Blonde

Jim Carrey's movie The Number 23 might not have gone over as well as he wanted, and it certainly isn't the best limb in his body of work. It does however showcase him in arguably his darkest role, and accompanied by a great soundtrack (as always) by Harry Gregson-Williams.

There are several great tracks to listen to on Gregson-Williams' 23 soundtrack, and it made it hard to pick one for the post. If you've never heard it, or given it much thought, you might try taking it for a spin. It's very dark, moody and really atmospheric. I can't say enough about atmosphere, and will likely be talking about it in my On Writing series in the near future. This song certainly takes the mind into an atmosphere that Gregson-Williams is creating with music.

Enjoy. And keep on writing... ALL THE THINGS, as they say.