A little on Audrey Hepburn, my favorite actor

It takes a lot for me to say something is 'my favorite'. For example, when it comes to movies, I have a laundry list, and the one at the top is really only there because I just can't bring myself to take it down for something else.

Some people claim actors as favorites for silly reasons. Yes, I said silly. While Audrey may not make the list for favorite actor for a lot of folks, though maybe for 'best style' or some other nonsense. For me, she makes the top for acting. And here's why...

In her career, and life, she was constantly met with challenges and always overcame them. An actor who takes on challenges and bests them, those are the truly talented actors. From her humble beginnings in life, taking part in the underground resistance during WW2, to stardom, she saw a lot of challenges along the way. Like, how do I save these Jews from the Nazi soldiers coming this way? Oh, let me walk over and pick a flower for the Nazi, giving the Jews time to get away while they admire the cute child. Then, it was simpler challenges later, like learning how to sing, learning how to play guitar, having to dance with Fred Astaire. And even, learning acting on the go, since she had started out as a ballet dancer. Every role she ever took threw something new at her, and she overcame it every time.

Every role I take, I always try to make sure there's at least one challenge for me to overcome, so I'm not just going through the motions.

Thanks, Audrey, for being amazing in more than one way.

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