Google I/O + Elaine's dance from Seinfeld = AWESOME

Let me give you a reason to love +Google+...

Google just started their huge I/O conference this week and they have this thing going where you can take a public post with #request, and a Google employee at the conference will try desperately to meet that request. It's pretty cool, honestly.

Well, in classic fashion, I couldn't help myself. I decided somebody needed to make an outlandish request. And here is what I did...

Nathan Weaver
+Melissa Daniels : I have a #request . Can you get footage of yourself doing the Elaine awkward/white girl dance from Seinfeld?

This is my one silly request, I guess. I just wanna see all the looks on folks' faces as you get the kicks and arms flailing.

PS--If you meet my request, I will film a short clip of me turning around and saying, "Sweet fancy Moses!"

Update:#request  fullfilled.

Her dance:

And my response:
Sweet Fancy Moses!

And +Melissa Daniels did not let me down! Below is her glorious version of Elaine's dance.

Melissa Daniels
Pretty sure I shouldn't be re-sharing this as, well... it pretty much speaks for itself. But... this just proves how much I love my #chromies  -- I'm willing to completely embarrass myself for y'all. What's next? Bring on the next #io13    #request  (though I will admit-- I hope +Jacky Hayward and +Divya Vishwanath are next on the docket for goofiness!)

Divya Vishwanath originally shared:Hey world, do you know Elaine from Seinfeld's sweet dance moves? +Nathan Weaver sure does and he put in an (AMAZING) #request  to see +Melissa Daniels bust those moves. I'd say she's got it down. Do you agree? P.S. This is what she's trying to do: Seinfeld - The Elaine Dance P.P.S. Thanks for the great joy you've brought us all, Nathan :)

And I held up my end of the bargain and returned the Sweet Fancy Moses it rightfully deserved.


I'm feeling pretty good about myself today...