ROSE'S THORN eBook for $0.99

Well, I was working on publishing Rose's Thorn as an eBook at Smashwords, and I somehow published it unwittingly.

Rose's Thorn is one of the darkest pieces I've ever written, and I'm not sure I'll ever write anything darker than it honestly. The content of the piece is not for the faint of heart, as it blends domestic violence in a horror/fantasy/supernatural setting.

The piece originally started out as my first take at writing a super hero. But this is not your usual comic book super hero by any means.

Many thanks to +Philip Neale and my mother-in-law for editing this piece some time ago, and shame on me for sitting on it for so long.

Also, thanks to +Morgen Bailey for her piece about publishing through Smashwords, though I am afraid my first walk in the park was a little clumsy.

Follow the link in the FB post below to purchase and get reading. Be sure to leave a review and let me know what you think. It's a short novel and reads at a pretty quick pace.
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Tales from Babylon
ROSE'S THORN eBook for $0.99.
Rose's Thorn, an Ebook by Nathan Weaver
Rose's father, a charismatic preacher with a dark side, begins abusing her at a very early age both emotionally and physically. It doesn’t take little Rose long to see things are not what they seem in her life, and to know that she wants out of this terrible existence. She then makes it her purpose ...